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Hair Dryers, Ionic 1875W Portable Hair Blow Dryer

This cutting-edge hair dryer device transcends eras because to its new technology, which allows users to adjust the temperature and wind speed. To achieve good temperature control per 1°C, our hair dryers use revolutionary free temperature and wind speed regulation technology. Depending on your demands, you can select any temperature between 50 and 90 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the settings for wind speed adjustment allow you to change the wind speed between 50 and 99 gears to suit your demands. Power AC Motor, Small Size, Lightweight This hair dryer is 5.5 x 6.3 x 2.7 inches and weighs approximately 590 g/1.3 lb. LED digital display for simple temperature detection. Our blower engine uses a quick and silent 1875W motor with a maximum speed of 110,000 RPM, air volume of 27.3m/s, airflow of 3.2m3/min, and noise of under 80dB.

Professional Styling Tools Among the styling tools we offer that might make your life better are the following: One Concentrator, one Combo Nozzle, one Diffuser, one Storage Bag, and one Combo. Additionally, we created a stunning packaging for this hair dryer that you can be happy to offer as a gift to your friends. Negative ions and constant temperature protection for hair Our hair blower uses ion and bio-ceramic technology to produce millions of hydrating negative ions along with far-infrared heat to lessen static and create silky, smooth hair. With a function that prevents changes in temperature, the hair’s shine and scales are shielded from harm. Worry-free after-sales service We are dedicated to creating a high-quality, lifetime hairdryer with cutting-edge technology to ensure your continued enjoyment. 60 days

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Wattage1875 watt_hours


Meta Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset — 128 GB

Purchase Meta Quest 2. Saber, get beat. For a limited time, purchase Meta Quest 2 and receive the popular VR rhythm game free of charge. With a very quick processor and a high-resolution display, you can maintain a seamless experience even as fast-paced action takes place all around you.
Hand tracking, haptic feedback, and 3D positional audio provide a fully immersive experience that makes virtual worlds seem real.
Discover a growing library of over 350 games, fitness, social/multiplayer, and entertainment titles, including exclusive blockbuster releases and utterly original VR experiences.

In blockbuster fantasies, you can explore different realms, experience terrifying adventures, or work with others in cutting-edge environments.

Join forces in amazing social spaces and multiplayer arenas as you watch live events with friends and family, meet up with your new workout squad, or go on adventures with other intrepid individuals.
With a wireless headset, simple controllers, a built-in battery, straightforward setup, and no PC or console required, you may move around in virtual reality without restriction.
Play without concern with this simple-to-use Guardian border enables you to designate a play area and notifies you if a child enters or exits it.
Wherever you travel in the real world, take VR with you as your compact, portable Quest 2.

Monster Mission V1 Gaming Headset, Over-Ear Gaming Headphone

A high-quality 50mm neodymium driver boosts acoustic sensitivity and response, allowing gamers to better react instantly to any motion and get fully immersed in any situation. Include games like God of War, Overwatch, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, and Star Wars Battlefront.
Comfort: Adaptive suspension head beam design with leather and steel as dual materials. Soft and comfortable memory foam, which can suppress outside noise, is comfortable for long-term use. It is also breathable and automatically adjusts to the size of the head.
Boom Microphone: The Monster Mission V1 gaming headset has an omnidirectional microphone and a 160-degree adjustable gooseneck. create more precise sound pickup. for crystal-clear video conference or game communication. assist you in overcoming your foes in combat.

High-quality braided cable and glaring RGB light on the ear cups powered by USB create an immersive gaming environment. Any 3.5mm audio output source is connected by a tangle-free braided wire with a readily accessible rotary volume control. 30 days of money back and a 12-month warranty. Contact us if you have any questions.
The Monster Design Team created and engineered the Monster Mission V1 Gaming Headset. With the Monster Gaming headset, you can play at the highest level possible while also getting the most realistic gaming experience. To believe it, you must hear it.